About Us

Tutocracy was borne from the idea of establishing a strictly Meritocratic-Tutoring learning ecosystem. We've found a way to prioritize our search results based stictly on the detail and ratings associated with each tutor. This benefits the student by providing the most highly qualified match to render services. This process also benefits the tutor with the most relevant background and academic expertise. And...voila a Tutor-Meritocracy!

On the technical side Tutocracy is an end-to-end learning management system (LMS). End-to-end meaning: we manage the full tutoring-student life cycle. Said differently, Tutocracy provides the scheduling, calendar management, lesson delivery platform, and the billing.

Billing, you say? Yes. Students pay for lessons only after they occur and Tutocracy forwards the tutor payment digitally. Another win-win: students don't pay for services they have not used, and tutors receive a steady and fully transparent way to collect enrollment fees.

We've also created a course-market place through which tutors can upload micro-lessons. Micro-lessons are projected to grow exponentially in 2018 and in terms of our growth-mindset philosophy, will be beneficial to every learning community and learning style!

Lastly, we're powered by the Advisory Board of The Association of Test Prep, Admissions, and Private Tutoring Professionals -- a network of elite tutors and college application specialists.

Tutocracy is an online tutoring marketplace that connects tutors and learners in real time with integrated collaboration tools and payment infrastructure.

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